Monday, January 3, 2011

yeaR twO-O-eLeVen

happy new year !!!! http://www.emocutez.comhello 2011, gOodbye 2010!!!http://www.emocutez.comhope all the BEST in 2011!!!!

my last day in schOol as tomorrow, 31st December 2010 will be a public holiday for Malaysia as Malaysia fOotbaLL team wins the fOotbaLL match in Piala Suzuki ??am i riGht?!

my last face in scHoOl~sitting alone in the kitchen after breakfast, having my kacep fatty ='(

my lovely cuzzie Nurul Nadia bt Basri, da jadik tunang org!!!!http://www.emocutez.comi am happy for her ..http://www.emocutez.combut deep in my heart, there's sadness~huhuhu..well..we were bOrn in the same year..she is just a mOnth older than me..grew up together..and now she has been engaged to a person that she trusted..congrates aLoNg!love yOu owez!!!(when will i be ngage??)huhuhu..
http://www.emocutez.comsorg engineer, sorg lawyer..jgn men2 taw..backup mables ni!

b4 alek, smpat la memetik mcm2 yg ditanam kat Kluang~hihi

alek dpd Kluang, singgah tesCo sRi aLam..bOught sumthg to weaR AGAIN!!!am i a shOpahOlic??

pastu g McD lak! heavenly PROSPERITY MEAL!!!!

arrived hOme safely, had my bath+panadoL+poLaramine+cOugh syruP=fLat!!!until 1200hrs on 03/01/2011

ehemmmm~my huBBy MoHd ReDzuan wanna to QUIT SMOKING!!!!mables tOl!!!http://www.emocutez.comso GLAD he did it!!!all the best fOr yOu my yayuNk mucHok sepet!http://www.emocutez.comif yOu didnt know my dear..let me tell you sumthg, if u smoking, u are just the same like this ''~ahahahaa..and if u didnt really quit, ill make u as my sushi ''!will eat yOu alive!

wiLL give my fuLL suPPort to my dearest huBBy!klu xleh benti rOkok gak, t bby POST kat b PUTING baby MeLon k???hahaha~

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