Monday, January 3, 2011

yeaR twO-O-eLeVen

happy new year !!!! http://www.emocutez.comhello 2011, gOodbye 2010!!!http://www.emocutez.comhope all the BEST in 2011!!!!

my last day in schOol as tomorrow, 31st December 2010 will be a public holiday for Malaysia as Malaysia fOotbaLL team wins the fOotbaLL match in Piala Suzuki ??am i riGht?!

my last face in scHoOl~sitting alone in the kitchen after breakfast, having my kacep fatty ='(

my lovely cuzzie Nurul Nadia bt Basri, da jadik tunang org!!!!http://www.emocutez.comi am happy for her ..http://www.emocutez.combut deep in my heart, there's sadness~huhuhu..well..we were bOrn in the same year..she is just a mOnth older than me..grew up together..and now she has been engaged to a person that she trusted..congrates aLoNg!love yOu owez!!!(when will i be ngage??)huhuhu..
http://www.emocutez.comsorg engineer, sorg lawyer..jgn men2 taw..backup mables ni!

b4 alek, smpat la memetik mcm2 yg ditanam kat Kluang~hihi

alek dpd Kluang, singgah tesCo sRi aLam..bOught sumthg to weaR AGAIN!!!am i a shOpahOlic??

pastu g McD lak! heavenly PROSPERITY MEAL!!!!

arrived hOme safely, had my bath+panadoL+poLaramine+cOugh syruP=fLat!!!until 1200hrs on 03/01/2011

ehemmmm~my huBBy MoHd ReDzuan wanna to QUIT SMOKING!!!!mables tOl!!!http://www.emocutez.comso GLAD he did it!!!all the best fOr yOu my yayuNk mucHok sepet!http://www.emocutez.comif yOu didnt know my dear..let me tell you sumthg, if u smoking, u are just the same like this ''~ahahahaa..and if u didnt really quit, ill make u as my sushi ''!will eat yOu alive!

wiLL give my fuLL suPPort to my dearest huBBy!klu xleh benti rOkok gak, t bby POST kat b PUTING baby MeLon k???hahaha~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

si cOmeL atiQah & atHiRaH fiRdeeNa

i was so happy knowing that kak RosLina will leave her doters at hOme while she is working.. 27/12/2010, MOnday, i am back fRom wOrk at aaaaahhhh~http://www.emocutez.comthere is my mELoN and darling atiQah at hOme!!! my sweethearts are here so i wOnt feel tOo loNely and tired waiting fOr my darliNg huBBy MoHd reDzuan sYg...share my haPpy quality time with my sweethearts sHots!

befOre mandi
after shower
ready to sleep zzZZZzzZ~
playing tiMe with ur sis!

enOugh with meLon's i would like to present, the next TOP MODEL ......

see la how cute and adorable are they...!http://www.emocutez.comcannot stand with their darling behavior..will miss the bOth of them like arOund the clock!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

speNdiNg my sPaRe tiMe On my bLOg

wanna share sumthg about me..i do love cat!!!http://www.emocutez.comfrom the generation of oddy+didi+puteh (choc siamese), to a new comer~chichi (persian), and the kittens~anish+puteh+cik+coco, to a new generation bulat+tigger and more new kittens~miumiu+mumu+momo..



playing with miumiu~my cweetypie!

enOugh abOut the cLaWs thiNg!hihihi..

its Thursday oredy...counting the days till the end of my contract..will miss all my darlings in SK Taman Pasir Putih..what a great and meaningful experiences i gain for the whole year of 2010 working as a teacher there..thanks for everything guys!love yOu all
!http://www.emocutez.comoNe of my aRt pieCe fOr my daRLiNgs

bile da xde keje aka nak hbeskan masa

tupperware paRty~owh saya terjebak!haha~

weNt bacK fRoM wOrk..have a waLk and buy an phOto aLbum+take all my phOtOs at the phOtO shOp anD .........YES! my cOnvOcatiOn aLbuM!

my cOnvocatiOn aLbuM!!!akhirnye diterbitkan!haha~

album jijah Or miNe ni???=)

my favOurite!!!

at niGht~mama & aBah masak tLor piNdaNg lak~
mucOk loooo~hihihi

my sweetheaRt mOhd ReDZuaN..http://www.emocutez.comwhere are yOu???i am waitiNg fOr yOu tO cOntacT me baCk...aGaiN ...bOriNgnYe~